Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hello sweet followers of the Buck Blog. It has been some time since i've updated on the life of me. Fashion Design has been kicking my ass but this weekend I finally got a little vacation. COMIC CON 2010- as told to go by the Darshana herself- was worth every penny and minute of lost work time possible.

So as far as Fashion World at FIT goes, I've been working on this jacket for what, five hours this past week during class? The assignment was MAKE A DOLMAN-could be anything. I went with a frilly little jacket inspired by the shirt above. Sometime this week i'll post the back which is actually my favorite part---oh and the new sleeve because that is just the fabric hanging pathetically.

(Val is making the "Surprised Asian" face). My professor told me I have a fan club across the room obsessed with this jacket. That has to be the most rewarding thing said ever!

And so I leave you with this until next time!

(constant lame SP dreams/COMIC CON MISSING~)

xx buck

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